I Piss When I Cum

by Gutless and Codependent

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IPWIC, from the "Songs about my Genitals" Suite from former musicians (and current escapees from justice) Gutless and Codependent, marks an increased maturity from some of their earlier work. It was recorded over 6 months in one long, continuous take.

Their first Charity single, it draws attention to those who cum when they intend to piss and vice versa, intentionally taking a stand against the regressive belief that "that isn't a real illness" and "you're just being unnecessarily crass".

In an attempt to manoeuvre into the Ibiza scene, or at least the crime scene, included with this mighty single is a remix by DJ Burpee, in a collaboration that resulted in the death of at least 2 dogs.


released August 22, 2016

James "Gutless" Bellington: didn't fight in two world wars to have you ignore his hot licks and tasty beats.
Paul "Codependent" Clift: Screamed and screamed until someone called the police.



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Gutless and Codependent UK

Gutless and Codependent is a Soundscape Creation Algorithm created and fronted by James "Gutless" Bellington and Paul "Codependent" Clift.

James is a professional musical sculptor, citing his influences mostly as the works of Yoko Ono and his mother. He has been digging a large hole for nearly 3 years.

Paul is a widower and notable "Cool Artist", claiming to have at LEAST 6 black friends.
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Track Name: I Piss When I Cum
Got a little complication when it comes to masturbation
I'm a medical mystery
All my downstairs tubes have become a bit confused
It's a difficult place to be

When I'm trying to pass water, doesn't come out like it oughtta
It's keeping me up all night
When I try to blow my load, my wank sock overflows with piss
It just ain't right

I can't seem to fix it now I'm getting glum
Because I cum when I piss and I piss when I cum

It's not much of an issue when I take a lot of tissue
When I go out to the pub
She gets a golden shower every single time I plow her
So she knows it must be love

You really got me thinking now I'm horny and I'm drinking
And my diaper is overflowing
A wicked attitude, I'm crying and I'm nude
Don't know if I'm coming or going

It smells like a bus stop when we're having fun
Because I cum when I piss and I piss when I cum
My life is a mess, my urethra is numb
Because I cum when I piss and I piss when I cum

Unload until nothing is left to unload
Cause the pressure has taken its toll on my chode
And the smell got much worse once the sink overflowed
I'm a mess and I'm drenched from my head to my toes
I can't stop urinating when I'm masturbating
My body is shaking, my penis is chafing
My consciousness fading...