I Piss When I Cum

from by Gutless and Codependent



IPWIC is to music what strong, muscular thighs are to a horse. The analogy speaks for itself, as does the song.


Got a little complication when it comes to masturbation
I'm a medical mystery
All my downstairs tubes have become a bit confused
It's a difficult place to be

When I'm trying to pass water, doesn't come out like it oughtta
It's keeping me up all night
When I try to blow my load, my wank sock overflows with piss
It just ain't right

I can't seem to fix it now I'm getting glum
Because I cum when I piss and I piss when I cum

It's not much of an issue when I take a lot of tissue
When I go out to the pub
She gets a golden shower every single time I plow her
So she knows it must be love

You really got me thinking now I'm horny and I'm drinking
And my diaper is overflowing
A wicked attitude, I'm crying and I'm nude
Don't know if I'm coming or going

It smells like a bus stop when we're having fun
Because I cum when I piss and I piss when I cum
My life is a mess, my urethra is numb
Because I cum when I piss and I piss when I cum

Unload until nothing is left to unload
Cause the pressure has taken its toll on my chode
And the smell got much worse once the sink overflowed
I'm a mess and I'm drenched from my head to my toes
I can't stop urinating when I'm masturbating
My body is shaking, my penis is chafing
My consciousness fading...


from I Piss When I Cum, released August 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Gutless and Codependent UK

Gutless and Codependent is a Soundscape Creation Algorithm created and fronted by James "Gutless" Bellington and Paul "Codependent" Clift.

James is a professional musical sculptor, citing his influences mostly as the works of Yoko Ono and his mother. He has been digging a large hole for nearly 3 years.

Paul is a widower and notable "Cool Artist", claiming to have at LEAST 6 black friends.
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